Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Vicki has a few photos on her phone of me that she can share while we are waiting for that naughty 'puter to be fixed. 
Here is one of me relaxing on the lounge....

 And in the spirit of Valentines Day, here are some cakes Vicki made for her friends Meredith & Alan when they got engaged....she made heaps of the cupcakes with M and A on them.  How tasty do they look????

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Apologies for the interruption to transmission

We have to apologize there is no Psychic Sunday today. The computer has stopped working! And it has all the photos and everything on it! Vicki is posting this using the iPad. Everything will get back to normal once the computer is fixed or we get a new one! Talk to you all soon xxx Batu

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Polishing the lounge room boards

What a tale I have to tell about when Paul and Vicki decided to get the floorboards polished in the lounge room!  This was just before Christmas.  I was not impressed, I can tell you.....

 Here is a photo of me refusing to come into the lounge room once all the floor was polished.  What is that stupid blue tape for?  I don't know, maybe to stop me coming in.....

 This is where all the furniture went - the lounges and TV and they were covered in sheets so they didn't get dust on them....

 This is after the first day of sanding.....it happened all over again the next day.

 See, you can see where the floorboards have been sanded but not yet laquered.

There was a surprise when the carpet came up from the stairs - all the wood had rotted away and needed to be replaced.  Lucky the floor sander guy was also a carpenter...

Eating dinner on temporary furniture in between sanding and laquering the floor.  Paul was very happy he could still watch TV after he pulled all the sheets off it.....

Paul relaxing and eating dinner in his blow-up Holden Chair (that's like a brand of car for all my US kitty mates - GM Chevrolet is the closest.  Paul apparently drives a 5.8 litre one - does that mean anything to any of you????).  Anyhoo, you can see I am all out of sorts as there is no lounge on which I can lounge - beanbags don't cut it for me.

So here I am surveying the polished floor.  I was not keen to walk on it - even when the furniture was all put back......

 Vicki is trying to coax me further into the room but I am not having a bar of it......where is my magic rug?

 But you have to love the new stairs - what a lovely job (at short notice)

So here is the lounges being put back into place.  But there is still no cushions or rugs on the lounges to make it homely for me....

 I am still not convinced........

 Nice job, yes but I still want everything else back in place.....the lamps, the coffee table.....

I took a long time to get over this change in my routine, but now I love slipping and sliding all over the boards.....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Psychic Sunday


So how are you enjoying the new look Psychic Sundays?
If you are new to my blog, go here to read about how Psychic Sundays work:

 Here is this week's card:

The affirmation for this week is, "Blessed are the meek."
What a lovely saying.  This is from the Bible, the New Testament, Matthew 5.5.  A saying like this never dates.  Who can believe that this is from a text that is over 2000 years old?
The rest of this saying is..."for they will inherit the earth".  Well how fitting, I think us kitties are all wonderful and meek, and yes, we will inherit the earth... it's already in our kitty litter, and the earth grows our food, and how else do you think will we be blessed or inherit stuff?

Enough from me today - hope you have a wonderful blessed Sunday, and as Vicki would say, Blessed Be.

See you next week!

Psychic Sunday

Hi Everyone,

It's Batu here again with your weekly Affirmation.  I have a new set of cards that I am going to enjoy sharing with you.....

This is what the new set looks like:

This week, your card is:

 This card says, "True Joy is Serene", and it is a quote by someone called Seneca.  Well I have to agree with Seneca on this one - true joy truly is serene and I am living proof of it!  What do you have to be joyful about this week?  Share your joyful moments with me.

If you want to learn more about Seneca,

And here are some more of his quotes!

Enjoy your Sunday!