Friday, June 5, 2015

Goodbye Batu - thanks for the memories

Paul & I had to make the hard decision to assist Batu over the Rainbow Bridge.  He had 2 seizures that we know of and that left him paralysed in the back end so we were having to assist him to use his kitty litter and eat.  We didn't think that was a very dignified end for him.

Thanks for following and commenting on Batu's blog.  He will leave a huge hole in our hearts and life as he was a larger than life character.

To remind you what a character he was, here are some of my favourite blog posts:

Sunday routines:

When Batu looked after Birdie Birdie:

When we had a possum (accidently) in the house:

When Batu won a prize from Fancy Feast:

Batu playing in boxes:

Batu in his Cat Plane:

Signing off for the last time on behalf of Batu,

Vicki & Paul