Sunday, January 29, 2012

I have an announcement!!!!!

Vicki has found another set of Affirmation cards!  As of next week I will start Psychic Sundays again!!!!
Have a look at this new pack....


Monday, January 23, 2012

Me being nice cos I want feeding.....

I couldn't understand why Vicki wouldn't open my cupboard and get my food out and feed me!  Little did I know she was filming me...but now I get to share myself with you all.  You can hear the TV in the background (the Today Show) and Vicki whistling to get my attention (I come on a whistle).

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snoozy Sunday

Again - it is wet and miserable here....Don't even try and tell me to go outside and play.....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snoozy Sunday

Wet and miserable again here....I am refusing to step outside.....

Monday, January 9, 2012

I got an award!!!

My lovely friend Kjelle Bus gave me a very cool award for my act of bravery with Vicki and the spider recently.  Have a look at Kjelle Bus's blog:

So there are a few rules associated with this Award....see below:

First Copy and insert the award on my blog = DONE:)
Second Link back to the person who gave me awards = DONE:)
Third Pick out 5 favorite blogs with less than 200 followers 
and leave a comment to them that they received awards.
4th Hope that the five selected bloggers, continues to spread Liebster award and send it on to five other blogs.
So I choose to receive this award:
1. My absolute favourite blogger - the gorgeous Huffle Mawson
2. Katnip Lounge because they always make me laugh - their antics are so funny!

3. My good buddy, Mr Puddy.  He is so wise and teaches his humans as much I teach mine.  I feel a great affilliation to Mr Puddy.

4. Brian - because of all the great work he does in raising awareness in Kitty Adoption.
5. Catsparella - because of all the fantastic fashion tips and other site profiles she does - every stylish kitty knows to go here for fashion tips....

Thanks again Kjelle Bus!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snoozy Sunday

Can you see me asleep in the garden bed?  It has been so hot here I try to find lots of cool places, with a nice breeze to catch some zzzzz"s......

Monday, January 2, 2012

I found a Funnel Web in the house....

I wanted to tell you about the other morning....usually the morning routine is that Paul gets up and goes to work while Vicki and I continue to snuggle.  Vicki gets up about 7.00am and then goes and has a shower.  Then she will get dressed, have some breakfast, do her hair (which involves a blowdryer) and thats my cue to go and sit by the back door.  Vicki will then come and let me out and we go to the laundry for some breakfast and then she goes to work. 

Well, the other morning, Vicki got out of the shower and found me sitting on the mat near the front door.  Pretty unusual for me, because I am normally still snuggled up on the bed waiting for that hairdryer to start.  
So Vicki stepped over me and continued on with her routine which was good.  She stepped over me a couple of times and asked me what I was doing there but I was busy, so I ignored her.
Then Vicki wanted to give me breakfast so she opened the back door.  Normally I would come running from wherever I was to get out to that laundry for some breakfast.  So Vicki came over and picked me up to take me outside and what did she discover that I was hiding.....?  Yep, have a look below...a Funnel Web Spider!

So Vicki was majorly freaked out.  It is common for them to come in the house after rain, and we have been getting heaps of rain recently.  Vicki put me down in the kitchen and just checked that yes, it was a Funnel Web.  I kept looking at her and at then the spider, saying, "Look, look what I found!".  I was very excited.  So Vicki opened the front door and threw the rug that the spider was on, outside. She was very proud of me because she knew that I knew that she wouldn't have seen the spider and may have trodden on it.  They are very poisonous and if you don't get treated, you will die from the bite.  Go here for some more information on these spiders:

So now Vicki wants to know how I knew there was a spider in the house and broke my routine?  Have you ever done something brave like this?