Saturday, April 25, 2015

Commemoration of ANZAC Day - 100 years

ANZAC Centenary

The ANZAC Centenary (from 2014 to 2018) commemorates Australia’s involvement in World War I and remembers anyone who has served in a war or conflict as well as those men and women still serving in the Defence Forces today.

It was on 1 November 1914 that the first convoy of Australian and New Zealand ships left Albany in Western Australia to transport the ANZACs to the battlefields of World War I.

When most people think of the ANZACs, they think about the landing at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915. The 100th anniversary of this moment will be commemorated with an ANZAC Day long weekend in Australia and many other events around the world.

Perhaps the largest event will be the traditional Dawn Service at Gallipoli. 8000 Australians, 2000 New Zealanders and 500 official representatives from other Nations will form a 10,500 strong crowd on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey.

Here is a song that captures the 100 year commemoration.

Spirit of the ANZACs

Lest We Forget

Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Big Mac sauce enjoyment photos.....

Vicki says now that I am old, she says I am allowed to have little treats like this:


Is there any more?


How can you resist these baby blues?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Big Mac Sauce

For a limited time, McDonalds was selling the Big Mac sauce separately in little sachets. 

 Paul loves his Big Macs and drowned them in the sauce.

....and I got to have some too - YUMMY!