Sunday, July 26, 2009

More nice pictures

Apparently you all enjoyed the photos of Fraser Island so much that Vicki wants me to include more. Vicki cannot take any credit for the photos. Vicki and Paul enjoyed the scenic joy flight over Fraser Island so much and the very entertaining pilot that Paul tipped Gerry (the pilot) and he gave Vicki this cool CD of aerial shots of the island. Heaps better than anything she took!!!

Well enjoy the photos:

If you want to learn more about Fraser Island click here:
Fraser Island

I have been resting today as it was such hard work checking everything yesterday. Vicki and I have been resting on the lounge watching television. She watched The Bill and a Harry Potter movie.
(It's raining outside - good lounge/tv weather).


  1. I think I heard my mum say she'd like to go to Fraser Island now.

    I'd rather see pictures of you!

    Huffle Mawson

  2. Where is Fraser island cos its very beautiful !

  3. I'm with HM...I'd rather see pikhs of woo but fur difFURent reasons I am sure!


  4. Hi Batu,
    We saw your picture on Melvin's blog and wanted to come say hi! We're 3 lilac point Birmans who live with a tubby tabby and two woofies in Florida.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. Frazer Island looks lovely. Mum wants to go there after seeing those pictues. Mum and dad were on Hamilton Island two and a half years ago, they enjoyed that very much. Is Frazer Island similar..

    Hugs GJ x

  6. Lovely looking island! Thanks for the extra pics.

    We're glad that you rested today, we were afraid that all the exploring would tire you out.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  7. This place is really beautiful =)

  8. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos! Fraser Island is so pretty!

    You among the leaves is nice!

  9. Beautiful :))
    Best Wishes,


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