Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day

Tuesday 26 January is a public holiday in Australia where we celebrate the founding of the Nation of Australia.

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I like it because hopefully Vicki & Paul will be at home with me all day - unless they go out celebrating somewhere - they haven't checked with me if that is okay.

There is a funny ad campaign around this time of year to get the people of Australia to eat more Lamb - the National Dish (like Turkey at Thanksgiving!)

Check out the promotion.....
Link to Lamb Ad Campaigns


  1. Happy Australia Day! Extra treats all round!

  2. Happy Australia Day Batu!!! we LOVE lamb. Maybe you should have the beans throw some shrimp on the barbie??? YUMMY~!!! Enjoy the festivites!

  3. Have a nice relaxing Australia Day with your family.
    Our Beans had lamb steaks for dinner tonight and we shared some with them.

  4. Ooo, we hope you've had a really good Australia day! We both encourage this idea of eating more lamb. We also think that prawns should be encouraged.

  5. Happy Australia Day Batu, Vicki and Paul!...Hope you guys spent a fun day together.

  6. All that AND Merdie's Dad's Birthday!

    Happy Holiday to all of woo Down Under!


  7. Happy Happy Happy Australia Day Batu :-)
    Have a wonderful day
    also for your family :-)

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  8. We all stayed home together today, except when I sent mum out to buy me some ham. We ate chicken, so I guess those ads aren't working on us.

  9. Hey Batu, my sisters and I wish you a wonderful Australia Day and we hope you enjoy your time with Mom & Dad today!!!

  10. Hi Batu and Happy Australia Day to you all!!!
    Lamb campaign...very interesting.
    Enjoy your day with the peeps.
    Madi and Mom


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