Thursday, July 1, 2010

Winter Blankie

Did you like my Wordless Wednesday with me on my blankie?

That is me keeping Vicki company while she types my blog. And then I let her go onto Facebook and play Scrabble with her Dad and Friends.

This is our special time away from Paul who is busy watching war stuff on the History Channel (or the War Channel he calls it). Too noisy for me....

Plus it is winter here and I don't need any excuse to snuggle up....


  1. You look very comfy on your blanket. Winter ... it's our Summer and it's still like Winter here.

  2. Batu, your winter blankie is so pretty. And it looks wonderfully comfy!!!

  3. That blankie is purrfect for you!!!

  4. You look very cosy, Batu! No, you don't need any excuses to snuggle up, anytime!

  5. Your blankie is a very pretty color, and you look good on it.

    Good for you for keeping Vicki company rather than Paul. That noisy war stuff on TV can wear a cat out.

  6. You are the epitome of comfy :)

  7. Your blankie is purrty. You look so warm and snug!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. That looks like a great blanket! We are wondering what it says!

    P.S. We call the History Channel the World War II channel :). Franklin actually LIKES watching it, but the rest of us do not.


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