Monday, April 30, 2012

Someone forgot to post yesterday......

You can't get good staff anymore.  Vicki forgot to do my Psychic Sunday yesterday.  There is no excuse, except her and Paul went to a wedding over the weekend and obviously had too much fun. 

The bride and groom hired a photo booth so here are some fun photos Vicki took with the bride, the bridesmaid and then with Paul.....



  1. What a fun idea to rent a photo booth :)
    Your beans seem to have lot of fun at the wedding !

  2. That's a brilliant idea, what fun they must of had. I guess you could let them off this once for missing your psychic Sunday :)xx

  3. Now you can make up your own set of cards!

  4. That's a great idea! And those are great photos!! Well, we'll hafta wait til next week for Psychic Sunday!

  5. A photo booth? What a great idea, Batu! Sorry Vicki didn't do your Psychic Sunday post ... we will wait with much anticipation for next week's...


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