Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome to my new Psychic Sundays!

You may have seen last week that I have some new cards to share with you....

Last week....

This week the card I have to share with you is called "Keep a Lookout".

The advice that goes with this card is, "An opportunity is coming your way but you will need to be alert and attentive if you are to recognise it.  You'll need to get in early to maximise its potential.  Keep your eyes peeled and your ears up."

This is very cool advice.  We have lots of wind at the moment so of course my eyes are peeled and my ears are up.....maybe I better go and do a patrol in the yard again...I don't want to miss that opportunity that is coming my way.  Do you think it will taste nice?  ...Back soon!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Derry's outside in our enclosed space right now, hoping for opportunity in the form of moths! :-)

  2. I am alert...except when napping Batu!

  3. Good luck Batu! We are off to look for lizardly opportunities...

  4. We keep our eyes peeled and our ears up for treats!


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