Monday, January 28, 2013

I got the most awesome Christmas Present...

I keep forgetting to share this with you.  Vicki bought me and Paul the most awesome Christmas Present.....

Here I am checking it out.....

It has amazing the cockpit is a photograph of my kitty did they know to include that?

Here is Paul reading the instruction manual.....

In the end, for the propeller at the front, we had to find some instructions on you tube....check out how quick this guy puts his cat plane together....

 How to assemble the Cat Plane

 And then here is me testing it out!

You can't see me in this next photo can you...maybe a bit of fluff out the top...I am checking the tail end of the plane.....

 Are you still playing with any of your Christmas presents?


  1. Ha...Ha...Ha...You cracked me up, Batu !
    Now you can fly....tee..heh...heh
    Have Fun !

  2. Batu! That plane is awesome!! Now you can fly all over!!

  3. That is a fabulous present and you look so good in the flying seat.. Hugs GJ xx

  4. Oh, Batu! That is the best present ever! We love the pictures of you in the cockpit!

  5. That is a great present. Now you can fly over to see us.


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