Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dinner Guests

Vicki & Paul hosted visitors John & Marilyn last night. I can't believe it - they kicked me outside because the visitors brought their dog, Colin. John & Marilyn are about to embark on a grey nomad odyssey around Australia. Colin is going to keep a blog of their travels:

Colin's blog

So I had to watch them all eating a yummy dinner without me (all because of Colin) and then Colin went to sleep on my lounge!!!!

When they left, I was allowed back inside and I had to check every room to see where Colin had been allowed to go. Then I snuggled up to Vicki & Paul to show them that I am much better company than a dog.


  1. Oh Batu....I would NEVER have let them put you out if I'd known you were out there in the cold and starving hungry and without water or personal toilet!! Yuk! Yuk! But I had the greatest time cos your mum is just so sweet and your dad calls me "mate"... let's keep in from Colin Harries

  2. Wait a minute. You got put outside because of a DOG? I hope you're plotting your revenge as we speak.

    Huffle Mawson


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