Monday, October 5, 2009

I hate thunderstorms!

Where do you hide during a thunderstorm?

I hide under the beds and sometimes under the dining room table - Vicki found me today under the table during the thunderstorm. So she kept me company by sitting at the table with me.....


  1. My dog Nahla hates thunderstorms too!! She can be found under my feet, or curled up shaking at the end of the hallway... poor thing!

  2. :)
    under the furniture - this is the answer
    thank you for the visit
    have a nice day

  3. I hide under the spare bed. It's a scientifically proven safe spot.

    Huffle Mawson

  4. We don't like them either! We usually hide in the bedroom (either under the bed or under the blankets.)

  5. Red and Lizzi (our dogs) love thunderstorms and chill out by the fire - Unless they are outside trying to catch the hail! At the moment they have a friend, Chrissy, who is staying with us. Chrissy doesn't like the thunderstorms and she hid under the table where the sewing machine was. Sometimes Chrissy helped me sew by pushing the pedal!

  6. We haven't really experienced a thunder storm yet. But when we do we'll let you know!

  7. Oh you poor sweetie...we'd come keep you company if we could! King HATES T~Storms and he hides under our bean's bed. Me and Pandora don't really care, as long as mom's around, anything can happen and I'm ok...

    Sniffs & Scratches~

  8. I don't have to hide BUT I do tend to stay near Mom to make sure she's okay!


  9. We don't like thunderstorms either! We also don't like vacuum cleaners. That was sweet of Vicki to keep you company.

  10. Believe it or not, thunderstorms don't bother me! I hide under the bed when mom cranks up the Kirby monster, though.

  11. They don't really bother any of us, but one of our Cats-Who-Went-Before always hid under the bed, or behind the couch (she could hide against the wall).

    Hope the storms didn't last too long!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew


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