Sunday, June 27, 2010

Meet Minke

This is Minke who Vicki and Paul met in Darwin. Minke was a kitten that Michelle and Kevin found at the RSPCA.
I think he is very adorable.

And here are some photos of Vicki & Paul with Michelle & Kevin when they went to Mindil Markets and sat on the beach to watch the sun set.

How cool is that sandcastle at the bottom!


  1. Hi Batu! I'm Pablo from Hobart. Great to meet a fellow Aussiecat. Minke looks nice too. I' must be a great life for a kitty in Darwin... although I expect it would get a bit hot.

  2. Hi, Minke!

    Lovely sunset, and wow, what a sandcastle!

  3. Minke is a cutie! He looks just like my cousin Carbo (BoBo) who went to the Bridge 2 years ago. We still miss him terribly.

  4. Minke is so cute in that sack! Thank you for sharing his pictures!

    We loves that sunset! Really purrty! And that sandcastle is awesome! Lots and lots of work put into that!

  5. Minke is a gorgeous boy! He looks full of beans (silly and energetic) and very happy.

    And yes, that sandcastle is amazing!

  6. Yes indeed, Minke is a cutie! Wow, look at that big litter box the beans found!

  7. Minke looks very cute. That is a lovely sunset.


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