Sunday, July 4, 2010

Psychic Sunday

Vicki found these affirmation cards at the Markets recently. They are called Cat Comfort cards and are lovely. She wanted me to share them with she is making me do Psychic Sundays...where I will choose one card from the deck and share it all with you....

Explanation Card:

"Dear Friends,
We've written these cards to guide you, our human companions, in the way of feline wisdom. We know that it's not always easy being human, and we're happy to share our insights with you. We suggest that anytime you feel that you need inspiration, just curl up in your favourite chair or on that lovely soft cushion and pull out one of our cards. Remember: We have nine lives to your meagre one - we know what living is all about!
- Your Feline Friends"

Because Vicki is a Librarian, I have pulled out the "Catalog" card.

On this card, your Psychic Sunday Affirmation is:

"Treat yourself to some retail therapy".

How appropriate for Vicki.

Enjoy your Sunday! I will do another affirmation next week.


  1. This human loves those cards already! LOL. Retail therapy would be lovely! ;-)

  2. Mum wants to know if that means she can buy some new shoes?

  3. That picture is really something fur sure!!!

  4. That card would be great for our Mom too!!

    You look great in purple!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. That is the COOLEST deck of cards, EFFUR!

  6. Ooo we like that prediction... MUM! Buy us some tunas!!

  7. can i ask Batu for a reading on my behalf?? I will pay in cans of gourmet cat food!

  8. You look sooo Psychic! That is such a great color on you! Those humans need this kind of help!!


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