Sunday, January 9, 2011

Psychic Sunday with the *Amazing Batu*

I thought I would have a bit of fun today and dig out the photos that Kelly did for me....MOL - don't I look funny with crazy eyes!

You can check out the original blog post about my weekly affirmations here if you are new to my blog:

Original Psychic Sunday blog post

Todays card is Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

The affirmation on the back of this card is:

"Life likes to test your surefootedness. Be nimble."

We are always nimble - we are cats after all.....but yes, I can be sometimes clumsy on my be careful today when scaling walls, balconies, fences and so on - we want you all in once piece tomorrow!

Enjoy your Sunday being nimble and surefooted!!


  1. A few of us in this house are getting a little too, er, plump to be very nimble! (That would be the boys and the mom!) :-P

  2. I am always very, very careful when I am on the back of the couch or chair! I don't wants to fall down on those nutty dogs!

    Your eyes are super crazy!

  3. I'm on it Batu, !
    No way, my mom can get me indoor...Ha..Ha : )


    PS : Common Batu, speak the truth ! I think Kelly been given you too much nip. Retouch the photo !!! I won't believe that..It's all right we all do it : )

  4. Good one for us Aussi cats right now and even more relevant for me as I like to go up on the roof in the late afternoon. Thanks for the paws up, Batu!

  5. We love that crazy-eye picture of you, Batu! Good affirmation again this week. I guess this means we can walk on the mantle today...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  6. Yeah, I'm a little clumsy sometimes too. Oh well.

  7. Oh Batu...we think you are so cute with "Crazy Eyes". Hoping you're enjoying your summer...we're in for a bit of snow tomorrow night!


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