Monday, January 23, 2012

Me being nice cos I want feeding.....

I couldn't understand why Vicki wouldn't open my cupboard and get my food out and feed me!  Little did I know she was filming me...but now I get to share myself with you all.  You can hear the TV in the background (the Today Show) and Vicki whistling to get my attention (I come on a whistle).


  1. After this show ! I hope you get whatever you want, Batu : )

    PS : From the back of yours, Mom said you look like a little panda..MOL

  2. Hi Batu !
    You sounds just like me when you are meowing or maybe is me that sounds like you :)

  3. Rats! The video didn't load...Mommy will try again later. We all come on a whistle, too!

  4. That's pretty impressive, Batu! We come when we hear the lid pop off of our can of stinky goodness!


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