Sunday, November 25, 2012

Psychic Sunday

Hi Everyone,
Welcome back to Psychic Sunday.
I hope you like what I have in store for you this week.
The card I have pulled for you today is Stand your Ground:

The advice for this card is, "Make it clear where you stand on this issue and hold your ground.  It's important to let people know when they are stepping into your territory."

Oh wow - this is like when Jasper from next door (a Russian Blue) comes visiting.  I have to stand my ground and show him who is boss!  I hate doing it though so luckily I dont have to get angry with Jasper too often for stepping into my territory - I mean - I don't go visiting in his yard! (Nothing to do with the German Shepherd, Labrador and Fox Terrier that live there....).

Do you have to stand your ground occasionally?

Have a great Sunday.


  1. We do! 13 kitties in one house leads to a small dispute or three...

  2. This one's for our mom, who currently has problems with our immediate neighbours!

  3. Yes I have to stand my ground when the cats come in my yard and the fur flies I can tell you.. Hugs GJ x

  4. Oh yeah...Ernie is always trying to steal my napping spot. We usually have a good tussle, then he takes it. I gotta get better at standing my ground!



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