Sunday, January 20, 2013

Psychic Sunday

Welcome back to Psychic Sunday.

I hope you like what I have in store for you this week.

The card I have pulled for you today is Dreams:

The advice for this card is, "It's important to have dreams - they give life direction and meaning.  Reflect on your dreams for your own life.  What is it that you truly desire?  The clearer you are about dreams, the easier it is to make them a reality."

I have awesome dreams.  Sometimes Vicki even catches me running or talking while I am dreaming.  I hope I catch whatever it is I am chasing....I better go and grab a few zzz's now to make those dreams a reality!

Enjoy your dreamy Sunday!



  1. We like dreams...because it means we're snoozing...and we like snoozing!

  2. I always dream about FOOD !!!!
    My pawrents put me on Diet, Batu !!!

  3. We dream a lot too and our feet and whiskers twitch. We dream of all the mousies out in the fields waiting for us to catch them.

  4. Mommy says she loves to watch us dreaming--The Baby even chitters in her sleep!

  5. Me too dream a lot !
    I guess I dream of mousies and birdies to catch :)


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