Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fires near me

We live in the beautiful Blue Mountains which is just 100km west of Sydney.  We are sometimes called the "lungs of Sydney".  But all our beautiful native landscape comes at a price as we are prone to out of control bushfires. 

Visit the Blue Mountains

The last one happened on the first weekend in November.  It was in a valley only 5kms from us.  It was unlikely to come our way but you never know where embers will end up on a windy day!
One house was lost when the fire snuck up the cliff face and the wind took over.  It is always really devastating when someone's house is taken.

Blue Mountains Gazette

Last year, at around the same time of year, we had 2 separate bushfires burning - one was down the mountain closer to Sydney and it took 200 houses in less than 3 hours - it was devastating!  And then there was another one burning futher up the mountains from us - about 15kms away.  Vicki was so nervous of one of the windy days that I got to go to work with her!  There were lots of other cats (and dogs) at work that day....

Bushfires 1 year ago

Here are some photos of me in Vicki's office:

In my cat carrier:

Then I got let out and sat at Vicki's feet.  I knew I had to behave.

Do you ever get to go to work?

I know Vicki checks the Fires Near Me app for constant updates over Summer.

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  1. Those fires must be so scary! We hope they never get too close to you. We've never gone to work with the mom. That must have been fun for you!


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