Friday, June 5, 2015

Goodbye Batu - thanks for the memories

Paul & I had to make the hard decision to assist Batu over the Rainbow Bridge.  He had 2 seizures that we know of and that left him paralysed in the back end so we were having to assist him to use his kitty litter and eat.  We didn't think that was a very dignified end for him.

Thanks for following and commenting on Batu's blog.  He will leave a huge hole in our hearts and life as he was a larger than life character.

To remind you what a character he was, here are some of my favourite blog posts:

Sunday routines:

When Batu looked after Birdie Birdie:

When we had a possum (accidently) in the house:

When Batu won a prize from Fancy Feast:

Batu playing in boxes:

Batu in his Cat Plane:

Signing off for the last time on behalf of Batu,

Vicki & Paul


  1. Oh, no! Vicki and Paul, we are so very sorry to hear it was time for our friend Batu to go to the Bridge. Thank you for loving him so much and so well, And for making the difficult, brave and loving decision to help him on his way.

    We will miss Batu always. Thank you for sharing his life (and yours) with us.

    Fly free, Batu. We love you, buddy!

    Hugs, purrs and prayers,

    Kevin (meowmeowmans), Tracey, Moosey, Gracie and Zoe

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  2. Oh dear friends, we are so very sorry to hear about Batu. We understand how tough it is and we send you all our love and lots of hugs. Run free pal, we'll always remember you.

  3. We came to paw our respects. Godspeed kitteh, soft woooos,


  4. We are so so sorry about Batu. but just know that you gave him one last wonderful gift and that is that you let him go. He knew all kinds of love with you. Big hugs to you and we know this is so hard.

  5. My heart breaks for you all. We in my family have gone through this pain, and undoubtedly will again. We know, though, that there comes a time when it's far better than the alternative. Purrrrrsssss and prayers for your comfort. Marilynn

    “Grieve not,
    nor speak of me with tears,
    but laugh and talk of me
    as if I were beside you.....
    I loved you so -
    ‘twas Heaven here with you.”

    – by Ilsa Paschal Richardson

  6. We are so sorry to hear that Batu has gone to the Bridge. We've always loved following your blog and we don't always comment. Our hearts go out to you at this sad time.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. We are so sorry for your loss. Such a handsome boy too. You made the best decision to help him cross the bridge as his quality of life was declining rapidly. M sends big hugs to. You both.

  8. we are so very sorry that Batu has gone to the Bridge. He was very handsome and had a great many adventures, a well loved and well lived life. Purrrsss to all of you.

  9. We haven't visited in a long time, but we remember Batu and are deeply sorry he had to journey to the Bridge. Sending Light and purrs and purrayers to you.


    Kim, Nicki and Derry from Fuzzy Tales

  10. We are so sorry about Batu! We remember him and are very sad to hear. Sending many purrs

  11. I'm so sorry for your loss. Looking at the links, your love for Batu, and what a wonderful rich life he lived, shines through. I hope all these sweet memories bring comfort to you.
    With love and sympathy,

  12. Sending purrs and condolences from Purrchance To Dream and The Cat Blogosphere.

  13. We are so very sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Batu.
    Run towards the light and find the fields of green at the Rainbow Bridge dear Batu.
    Purrs and prayers from all of us at Manxmnews

  14. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Batu looks like he was quite a character. Keep all the wonderful memories safe in your heart.

  15. Mom and I are so sorry that Batu's life here on earth is over. You did the right thing for him, as no kitty wants to live that way. Batu Khan, dear friend, run and play and jump and be healthy at the Rainbow Bridge, and please say hello to Audrey and to all our friends who went before. I will see you there one day.

  16. Run free handsome Batu. We know you had a lovely life with your people and now you must keep an eye on them for a while, until their hearts fill with smiles made of lovely memories.

    Sending love and rumbly purrs

    Mungo, Jet & The Ape xx

  17. Sharing purrs and prayers on the loss of your beautiful boy ~ may you enjoy beautiful memories of him.

  18. Oh we are so sorry to hear that Batu has gone to the Bridge. We send you comforting purrs and headbutts.

    RIP, Batu...we'll miss you.

  19. We are sorry to hear the sad news. Losing a loved one--may it be a dog or cat--is a heartbreaking ordeal. We pray that your hearts will recover in due time.

    Sending 36 paws of love and support your way.

    Haopee and the Pack of MyDogsLoveMe

  20. We are very sorry to hear about angel Batu. What a beauty! Sending you all purrs and hugs. take care

  21. We did not have the honor of knowing Batu, but still wanted to stop by and offer our sincerest
    sympathies. We know that decision was the toughest call you had to make, yet we also know you made that decision out of love. Hugs from boomer, dai$y, tuna; and dude & sauce too ♥

  22. We are so sorry you lost your handsome Batu. A warm hug, purrs and paw taps of comfort.

  23. We are so sorry to hear that Batu had to leave for the bridge. We haven't been visiting much, but we always loved to visit Batu. Please know our thoughts, purrs, purrayers, and sympathies are with you.

    Truffle, Brulee, and Mom Paula

  24. We are sending comforting purrs and soft hugs. Though we didn't know Batu very well, we can tell from your favorite posts he knew much love. Purrs....

  25. We were so sorry to hear that Batu had to leave for the bridge, and are heartbroken for you. We know how hard it is to say goodbye to those we love, and we can tell you loved Batu very much. Comforting purrs and paws of sympathy

  26. we are so sorry, sending headbutts and purrs

  27. We are very sorry to hear you have lost Batu, but we hope your memories of his life with you will help ease your sadness.

  28. We heard about your friend and wanted to wish you our condolences. Hugs. Love-Alana and Crepes.

  29. We are sorry to hear that Batu has gone to the Bridge.
    We know it is hard to say goodbye to a beloved kitty,
    so we send comforting purrs and headbumps.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  30. I am so sorry for your loss. Though I wasn't a follower of your blog, I wish I had been. Batu seemed to be an incredible kitty. Hope you;ll keep the site up for a while so we can read through it.

  31. Mom & Me are so sorry for Sweet Batu.
    Always remember he is a great fortune teller kitty. we do love him lots.
    Rest in peace Batu
    sending soft purrs and hugs to your family

    Puddy & Mom

  32. I am sorry for the loss of your beautiful kitty.

  33. So sorry to hear about Batu! Lots of hugs and prayers to you Family!
    Your TX furiends,
    Samantha & Mom

  34. We are so very let him go but he remains here and in your hearts. Purrs

  35. I am sorry he had to go. Fly free brave spirit of Batu! Have courage friends - he stays close in your hearts.

  36. I am very sorry to have read of Batu's passing. Undoubtedly, he could not have felt it right to be assisted in the basic functions of life. I wish he could have had much longer with the people who obviously loved him. Godspeed, Batu Khan.

  37. Vicki and Paul, my sincere condolences on the loss of your handsome, precious Batu; I adored your sweet, silly boy from the first time I saw him over 5 years ago and although it has been a while, I've never forgotten him...I wish you both comfort through your deep sorrow in knowing that true love never dies and in that way, dear Batu will live in your hearts forever...Big hugs and prayers for you guys, RIP darling Batu...Jacqueline, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  38. I am so sorry to hear that Batu has gone to the Bridge. I send my comforting purrs and mum sends her condolences.

  39. I am very sorry to hear that Batu has gone to the bridge. Sending hugs.

  40. My deepest condolences at the loss of your sweet, beloved Batu. Take comfort in knowing that Batu is now free to run and play in perfect health. You will always have a plenitude of wonderful memories to remember him by, and Batu will never be forgotten. Purrs and prayers to you.

  41. I´m so sorry to hear that Batu have went to the bridge.
    Sending lots of gentle (((purrs))) and huggies <3

  42. Our condolences - Btu was a special cat - it shows in every picture and we know you will miss him a lot.


  43. Hi Vicki and Paul, late condolences on the loss of Batu, magnificent cat. Just wanted you to know he was one of many cats being honored in our slideshow posted just this week. Hope you can watch it!


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