Saturday, May 2, 2009


We had a blackout the other night. It was so exciting, a neighbours tree fell on the power lines in the wind and broke them! There were blue flames up and down the power pole and it looked like it was on fire, but it was only the electricity trying to earth. There was an almighty crash and then the whole neighbourhood went quiet. Most people got their candles out. I couldn't understand why Vicki & Paul couldn't see in the dark like me? Vicki put candles around the house and Paul fired up his torch. I hate his torch - he shines it everywhere!
Paul didn't know what to do with himself, not being able to watch TV. So he joined me in having a little catnap on the lounge while we waited for the power to be fixed. Vicki made herself a cup of tea using the gas stove. Then she dug around for some things she called "hot water bottles". Apparently they make the bed warm - isn't that what I do when I sleep between them?
The power didn't come back on until 4.00 the next day! The house was so cold without the central heating working. Luckily I have such a lovely fur coat.


  1. We had a blackout during the summer, on the day it was 45 degrees here. That is NOT GOOD for the kitties. We need our airconditioning.

    Huffle Mawson

  2. you are very brave in the dark! I would I hide under the bed....


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