Sunday, June 21, 2009

House of Horrors Winter Magic Ball

Sometimes, I think the things that Vicki and Paul do are crazy. Like this Saturday, when Paul got all dressed up in a suit, and Vicki put on a fantastic outfit and then covered her hair with a black wig!!! The photos are below....

Apparently, this was for something called the Winter Magic Festival. It is held every year at Winter Solstice time. The main street is closed off, there are stalls, a grand parade, buskers and entertainers all day. The night is finished off with fireworks and then a Grand Ball at the Carrington Hotel.

This year there were two Balls - the House of Horrors Ball (thats the one Vicki and Paul went to) in the Grand Dining Room and the Zombie Ball in the Ballroom of the Carrington. The Balls have a different theme every year, last year it was Pirates, the year before was Arabian Nights.....

Vicki and Paul seemed to have a good time - they got home after midnight (I was checking my watch) and they slept in this morning......

I have links to the Carrington Hotel below so you can see how historic and grand the venue for the Balls is, and the Winter Magic Festival link so you can see it is a really big deal for the town of Katoomba.

Carrington Hotel link

Winter Magic Festival link


  1. That's very interesting. Why didn't they take you with them?

  2. Wow Batu, your humans are glam!

  3. At least Vicki realised that holding you would improve her outfit.

    Huffle Mawson

  4. Well, hi there Batu...I've finally managed to get my paws on the 'puter and just HAD to say how very smart your mum and dad looked dressed up for the ball...and you're hardly Cinderella yourself, are you? I thought the one who got left at home was supposed to be a bit pathetic looking, and honey, you ain't. Haha! We're in Brisbane now and will head further north next week and I promise then I will be more communicative (big word for a guy) the meantime, love from Coin Harries xx


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