Monday, October 12, 2009

Vicki's Girls Night In

Vicki had a Girl's Night In on Saturday night instead of having a birthday party. This is where you have a get-together to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Vicki's party had a pink theme and they sat around drinking a pink cocktail - Cosmopolitans (I didn't like the taste of that one!), pink champagne (a personal favourite), eating popcorn (yuk) and watching the movie "Sex and the City"....

So many laps to choose from, I had a great night (even though I'm a boy and I should have been out on the town with Paul watching V8 car races!)

I hope you like the photos of me getting into the spirit of the party!

For more information on Girls Night In:
Girls Night In Webpage


  1. You should have told me and I would have sent you my blue feather boa, so you looked more like a boy.

  2. You look great and you know what they say..."Real Men Wear Pink!"

  3. I'm sure woo didn't lakhk fur attention!


  4. We think real mancats wear pink, too! Big thanks to Vicki and her friends for raising money for breast cancer research!


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