Sunday, June 12, 2011

Psychic Sunday with the *Amazing Batu*

MOL - today's card is a doozy! I have lots to share on this one....we are getting down to the last few cards.....

Here is the link to my original blog post as a reminder to how it all works:

Original Psychic Sunday blog post

Todays card is A Cat Always Lands on its Feet.

The affirmation on the back of this card is:

"Be ready for anything. Everything will work out."

Well do you always land on your feet? I have to admit I am a little bit of a klutz and have sometimes landed on my back - especially one time when I fell off the back deck. Luckily this card says it all, be ready for when I have made an embarrassing dismount, I quickly right myself and continue on my merry way as though it was all part of the strategy....and by doing that, yes, everything does work out!!!!

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I love your card today, Batu
    Today my day start with Fog, I think I'm going to have a terrible day and can't go out because 10 am. the weather was still bad, but after read your card. I feel release and had nap, now 11.33, Bright and shine outside !
    What a great card !

  2. We love your pyschic readings! We wish the cards would go on forever and ever! We will miss them when you come to the end of them!

    We haves tried to comment several times and it won't lets us! We are crossing our paws!

    Here Spooky falls out of the windows... more like a slide and a plop! We thinks falls asleep there.

  3. Yow! Batu, we could tell the card would be a doozy by your expression! We like the last part of the affirmation - "everything will work out" We've done our share of falling off things and maybe not landing on our feets, but, ahem, we meant to do it that way ;) Have a great week!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie
    (hee hee! our word is bonctin, a victim of bonking? mol!)

  4. Batu, it DOES work out all right...when I fell and hurt my knee, it got Mommy to start blogging to look for advice! And I healed up purrfectly.

  5. Great advice and we understand it's always important to look like you planned your dismounts exactly like they happen :)...Have a happy Sunday and lovely week ahead, handsome friend=we love you, sweetie... big smoochies...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Yes, I do land on my feet all the time. And everything does work out. So, relax and enjoy what you have!

    we have been enjoying your Psychic Sunday vwery much and try to come every week if possible.

  7. Things do work out, Batu, one way or another. Sometimes not the way we would want, though.

    We're getting ready for our grandpa's annual visit this week! :-)

  8. Yes, we agree, Batu ... things do have a way of working out. Have a great Sunday, buddy!

  9. I always land on my feet, not that I ever fall of course. Eric though, lets just say that when he lands there is a big thud.

  10. It's good to land on your feet. When we don't we just say "I meant to do that" and walk away!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  11. Me too just love your card !
    And yes everything will work out somehow :)

  12. That is a great card Batu, and pretty appropriate too!

  13. That is an excellent affirmation, Batu! Thank you, as always!


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