Friday, October 12, 2012

Snowing today!

Okay it is the 12th October which means it is well into Spring and today I wake up and it is snowing at my house!  The top photo is 6.30am....

 This is 7.30am

 This is my back yard at 7.30am....

This is me not looking impressed - sorry don't know how to rotate it.....

 Not impressed at all - 1oC and I have to watch this ice fall out of the sky......


  1. We wouldn't be too impressed, either. Actually, we'll be getting the white stuff here soon enough, and even though it's fall, heading into winter for us, we're *definitely* never impressed with s-n-o-w.

  2. Snow???? It's too soon for the white stuff!!

  3. You got SNOW already, Batu? Where do you live?

  4. It's much too soon for the white stuff.

  5. Snow in spring? Melbourne is sure is freaky. purrr...meow!

  6. I live in Katoomba about 2 hours west of Sydney....1000 meters above sea level so prone to coldness....


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