Friday, February 8, 2013

My fascination with the new bathroom

Vicki and Paul got the bathroom renovated and I LOVE that I can now just walk into the shower and lick the water.....Vicki wants me to tell you that she uses natural products to clean the shower because she knows I sneak in to do this....but I thought no one knew I was doing this? 

Vicki thinks it is funny as when I am caught licking the water in the shower I bolt out of the bathroom so I don't get in trouble....I once ran into the glass of the shower in my hurry to get out!  Lucky I have a tough head!


  1. Beautiful shower, Batu
    In Summer will be a great place to cold up your tummy : )

  2. Cutie pie.. But be careful not to bang your head as now that they now you dont have to run away.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. That shower sure looks nice, Batu! Moosey loves to lick up the shower water, too. :)

  4. Just make sure they don't turn the water on when you're in there, Batu!

  5. What a nice bathroom, Batu! I’m sure Vicki and Paul designed the new bathroom for your convenience. I just hope that you’ll now know where to run to avoid being caught! Haha! By the way, why do you look wet in your recent posts?

    Chase Conely

  6. Batu, you’re one lucky cat to have Vicki and Paul! They love you so much that even renovated the bathroom and use natural products for your sake. So there’s no need for you to panic whenever they see you in there. Enjoy your shower, but keep an eye on where you are going!

    -Lida Swisher


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