Sunday, August 4, 2013

Words of Wisdom on Sunday

So this week is a new segment...
This is a calendar that Vicki & Paul got given and used last year. 
It has amazing words of wisdom nicely decorated in a Celtic style with lots of gorgeous cats.
The artist is Sydney Hauser.  Here is a link to learn more about Sydney's work:

Sydney Hauser Cat inspirations

This is the cover of the Calendar.  The words of wisdom for this week are:

"There are few things more heartwarming than being welcomed by a cat."

This quote is attributed to Tay Hohoff.  It appears she was an editor.

This is a lovely sentiment. Vicki says she loves being welcomed home by me.
I am a good welcomer.....there may be food involved.

Are you good at welcoming people into your home?

I hope you like the Sunday Words of Wisdom - come back next week for more!


  1. MOL...Me too Batu, and my mom love the same thing as Vicki does ; )
    Have a great weekend Batu

  2. That's very true!! We're always happy to see our Mom. And yes, food is often involved!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. We welcome the mom home because we know that means we get to eat!

  4. We love that sentiment, too, Batu! I, Moosey, am a very good and enthusiastic greeter when my Mom and Dad come home from being out and about. :)

  5. We agree!

    Speaking of calendars - we haven't received a photo from you for inclusion in the 2014 Cats of the CB Calendar. You can read the information at Even though the deadline has passed, there are still pages available and if you send us a picture by Friday, August 9, we can include you.


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