Sunday, August 11, 2013

Words of Wisdom Sunday

Welcome back to my Words of Wisdom Sunday.  Have a look at last Sunday for my introduction to this new segment.

Here is this weeks Words of Wisdom:

"One cat just leads to another".

This quote belongs to Ernest Hemingway.  Here are some more quotes by Ernest Hemingway:

Ernest Hemingway quotes 

What does this mean?  I am the one and only cat.......I am glad I don't have to share my space....
Maybe it means when I have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, that Vicki & Paul might get another cat.
Well only if I approve!  What are your thoughts on this one?

Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. My mum has 2 cushions with that saying on them. She started with one cat and then had 12 at one time, but is now back to just one. ME!

  2. We like Ernest Hemingway. We figure he means the more cats the merrier. Though we're not sure about that sometimes.

  3. Maybe he means that cats make lots of friends with lots of others on the Cat Blogosphere. :)

  4. I think it means the moore cats the merrier ?!
    But I´m glad that I´m the only one just like you :)


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