Friday, March 28, 2014

My holiday resort

Whenever Vicki and Paul go on holidays somewhere they leave me at my holiday resort - Megalong Valley Cattery.....
Can you see me in the Playroom in the photo above?

Last time Vicki & Paul went away, Vicki dropped me off, I inspected my room and then ran away straight into the Playroom and got into the green hammock - you can see it in the photos above and below.  I love sitting in that hammock all day.

And then when Vicki came to collect me...I had just finished my breakfast and was walking leisurely out to the Playroom to go and sit in the hammock for the morning when I spotted Vicki walking towards me...I took off.  Vicki was interferring with my morning routine!  But she came out to the Playroom and tracked me down and put me in that awful container to bring me home.  I have to say I was grateful once I got home. 

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