Monday, March 23, 2009

The origins of my name...

I get a lot of queries about my lovely unusual name. Did you know that I am a fourth generation Khan? My servant, Paul, grew up with a cat, that was a stray and adopted his family. Paul named him Genghis.

He was a cat unto himself. Paul obviously recognised that he was royalty and named him appropriately. Paul's family lived on a very busy road and Genghis would often bail tourists up on their way to a very famous lookout at the end of his street. Genghis was obviously only asserting his authority and wanting his loyal subject to bow down to him. Unfortunately, after many years of pampered living, Genghis' hearing was not what it used to be and the very busy road was his downfall. A car, obviously going too fast, ran Genghis over. If only the owner knew who he had killed!

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