Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recent house guest..

This is Birdie Birdie.

I just thought I would share with you the time that Vicki & Paul babysat Birdie Birdie while his owners were away in Egypt and South Africa.

Birdie Birdie was very cheeky and Vicki gave him lots of attention, so naturally I had to check out his enclosure to see what warranted all this extra attention.

He had lots of toys to play with and special food that I didn't like the taste of. When Vicki & Paul were busy watching TV in the lounge room, I would pretend to be looking for things under Birdie Birdie's cage, but really I was looking for a way in to play with him. We would have had so much fun, if only I could get him out of that cage!

Of course, Vicki would catch me occasionally getting too close to Birdie Birdie and would go crook on me. Here is a photo of me denying any wrong doing.

How could Vicki think I was going to do anything to Birdie Birdie? I just wanted to play - he had much better toys than me!

I even checked on Birdie Birdie at night. I found that when I put my head underneath the cloth covering Birdie Birdie, I could see everything that he was doing - he didn't sleep much at night - too busy playing with his toys!

It didn't matter how creative I got in disguising myself - Vicki always caught me.....I don't know how she saw me behind the curtains!!!! I thought that was my best disguise yet.

Anyway, Birdie Birdie did go home and I missed not being able to check on him at night.


  1. Dear Batu

    I love your blog - what a very clever cat you are. And I didn't see you hiding behind the curtains.

    Birdie Birdie looked OK but beware of those big cockatoos you get up in the mountains.



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