Friday, September 25, 2009

The Amazing Dust Storm

New South Wales - my part of Australia - had this A M A Z I N G dust storm on Wednesday. Apparently there was a huge dust storm from central Australia - around Lake Eyre - which could be seen from outer space it was so huge! Well, the wind was so big, it sent the dust all the way over to us! It was like waking up to an armageddon or alien invasion on Wednesday morning. Everything was bright orange with desert dust - including the sunlight!

I hated it. I stayed under the house most of the day - the dust really did not agree with me and it was so windy! Normally I love the wind, but not with that awful red dust in it. Anyway, my beautful white paws are still a very pale orange - I just can't get the colour out of them!

Where is Lake Eyre?
Lake Eyre map and information

Check out these awesome photos.....
Pictures of the Dust Storm here


  1. We've seen the pictures in our newspapers. It looks very haunting!

  2. Wow Batu!!! That must've been furry scary!!! We have been seeing this on the news! We also hope your toesies do not stay orange!!! Have a furry chillaxing weekend!!!

  3. We had seen about this on the news.
    really amazing !

  4. We looked at the photos, and although they were very beautiful, we can't believe people were still out on the beach exercising! We think you were very smart to stay under the house.

    P.S. Our mom says that orange clay is really hard to clean up (she gets it on her clothes at work sometimes). We hope your paws are white again soon.

  5. We saw pikhtures on the news and on other blogs -

    That was furry wild!

    PeeEssWoo: How are those paws khoming with khlean up?

  6. We are sorry you have all that dust! That sounds like it was real bad!

  7. We heard about this dust storm. We don't think we would have liked it either! Hope you are okay!

  8. I'm really glad that dust did not head south to me. Very cool pictures - my mum the photography nerd says she would have like to see the storm to get some photos. I hope you get your paws clean soon!

    Huffle Mawson


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