Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What's your call sign?

Apparently I am an unusual cat in that I come to a whistle. Vicki had never owned a cat before and refused to stand in the backyard and call out my name or "puss, puss" (the normal call sign to come home). As Vicki was more used to owning dogs, she found it very natural to call me in using a whistle.

I am very good, I can hear the whistle from miles away. I usually let Vicki know I am on my way home once I reach the property perimeter with either a very melancholic "" or I stop along the way and scratch my bells until they tinkle. She usually stops whistling then and starts encouraging me to come home quicker by calling my name, "Come on, that's it...I haven't got all night....".

When I am in the house I still come to a whistle...or the cupboard opening...or the fridge opening...or cans being opened...or chopping in the kitchen. After all, everything in the house revolves around me.

What do you guys come to? Names? Whistles? Puss? Anything else?


  1. I answer to Huffle. I will always come running if mum calls my name. She might have ham.

    Huffle Mawson

  2. We answer to our names! In fact, the humans can't even talk about us without us suddenly appearing in the room.

  3. That's so kyute!!!

    Skeeter...I come when my mommy whistles and sings! My favorite song is Silent Night, when she sings it all goofy!

    Pandora...I come to the shaking of our NOM baggies.

    King...I come when I hear cereal being poured into a bowl or I hear dad opening up some delicious Chunky Monkey ice cream.

  4. We answer to long extended versions of our names.

    Thomasey Whomasey Woo
    Charlie Barley Marley Boy
    Lola Bajola Coca Cola

    The neightbours think our beans are crazy!

    We also come to the call Meaty meats, which means dinner is ready

  5. We'll usually come when our names are called, or at least lift our heads and look at her if we're nearby. We don't get far enough away normally like you do! Wowser.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  6. I only show up when I hear someone getting ice cream from the freezer....nom...nom...nom :)


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