Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vicki & Paul going on Holidays...

I found the suitcases in the end bedroom. I tried to hide and stow away but I was discovered.

This must mean Vicki and Paul are going on holidays. I get sent off to a lovely pet resort called the Megalong Valley Cattery when they do this....

Sylvia treats me really well. We have heated pads in our baskets and I can come and go from my cage throughout the day as I am a really well behaved cat and socialise with the others really well too. Last time Vicki came to pick me up and I didn't want to leave - she was upsetting my routine - I was doing hammock time.

The time before Paul came with Vicki to collect me and I gave Paul a tour of the Cattery - my room, my bed, my bowls, the kitchen, the outdoor play areas. It was great showing Paul what I got up to.

If you want to follow Paul & Vicki's holiday blog while they are away, here it is. I will be following them on their adventures!

Paul & Vicki's blog

I will do the occasional Wordless Wednesday while they are away, but I will chat to you all when my holiday is over too.


  1. I'm glad woo pretend to make them think woo will miss them!

    I hope all of woo have fun!


  2. We hope Vicki and Paul have a fun, safe trip...It's really cool you like the Cattery so much, Batu; we hope you have fun with your friends and all of the "new" things you get to do while on holiday...We will miss you, our friend...Extra kisses and hugs...xoxoxoxoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Oh no!!! Hey maybe they're gonna let you come over here to play!!

  4. Oh no, I hate it when those boxes with the handles come out! I was going to post the award you gave me on Monday or Tuesday, but perhaps I better wait until you get back from holiday so you can see what I wrote. Be safe my friend!

  5. Sounds like you're having a little holiday all of your own, Batu. Have a relaxing time!

  6. We hope your humans have a wonderful holiday. That cattery looks pawsome! We hope you enjoy your time there!

  7. We liked that you gave you all in trying to smuggle yourself away in the suitcases. Too bad your plan was foiled! Have fun at the resort...too bad you couldn't come stay wif us! Hoping Paul and Vicki have a GREAT vacation!

  8. We looked at the web site for the cattery and no wonder you like it there. It looks wonderful.We hope your Beans have a lovely holiday.

  9. Oh, oh, the suitcases! But it sounds like you get to go to a super "camp" yourself.

  10. Hey Batu that place looks sweet! You will have fun! Don't pee in the suitcases!!!!


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