Sunday, February 13, 2011

Psychic Sunday with the *Amazing Batu*

Hi Everyone, time to tune in for your Sunday Affirmation.....

Check out my original blog post to learn about my weekly affirmations:

Original Psychic Sunday blog post

Todays card is Bureaucat.

The affirmation on the back of this card is:

"Get that paperwork done. You'll feel much better"

Vicki and Paul are in the middle of doing paperwork. The only paperwork I do is on the newspaper that is put in my cat carrier when I go to the Cattery or to the Vet. I rip and tear at it so by the time we get to wherever I am going, the paper is all ripped to shreds - thats what I call paperwork - and I have to say, it does make me feel much better.

Enjoy your Sunday and make sure you do your paperwork!


  1. We love that kind of paperwork! Mommy gives us the heavy brown paper used to stuff packages. Boy, that is fun to shred!

  2. Paperwork is not so bad. When I do the paper work I lay down on top of it and catch some zzzzs.

  3. We think your paperwork is better than the kind the mom does from time to time!

  4. My favourite paperwork is lying on the Sunday papers when mum is reading them.

  5. I'm good at shreading the paperwork, hope that counts Batu!

  6. I will do paperwork by lying near the papers my humans have on the table, anytime. I don't often lie on top of them, though. Unless they are right next to the computer.

  7. hee hee! We're with you, Batu, on (shredding) the paperwork! Our mom says this affirmation is for her since she's gotta get her taxes done, mol!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  8. You version of paperwork sounds much more fun than the humans version.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. I thought bureaukhat meant resting on the bureau!


  10. Here we take paperwork very seriously! I find shredding a satisfying activity! Anything that crinkles and makes noise!

  11. I just sit on the paper, especially the ones that SS is currently working on.

    Thankyou for coming by to visit and purr for me. I am much better now.

    Happy St Valentine's Day, my furriend!

  12. Is there some paperwork I can fill out to get rid of the kitten?

  13. Paperwork is banned in this house. Well, at least the kind what makes the Beans pull what little hair they have out. Anything that comes in the mail that looks irritating gets handed to the nearest cat for cancellation. Works every time.

    Good day to all. Take care.

  14. The only paper work we like is a paper bag!!

  15. Sending Valentine's wishes to you and those that you love and hope you all are having a fun filled day!


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