Sunday, February 20, 2011

Psychic Sunday with the *Amazing Batu*

Time again for your Sunday Affirmation.....

Check out my original blog post to learn about my weekly affirmations:

Original Psychic Sunday blog post

Todays card is Mooncat.

The affirmation on the back of this card is:

"Enjoy the ebb and flow of your emotions. It's who you are"

To celebrate the full moon tonight, I have chosen this card...what do you do on full moon nights? I go a bit crazy and chase leaves in the back yard. Vicki finds it really hard to keep me inside.....but you know, that's just who I am!!! The card for this week says so!

Have a lovely Sunday and I want to see you all enjoying the ebb and flow of your emotions over the week....!


  1. Good idea!! Blame your craziness on the full moon!!

  2. I don't think I'm gone crazy on Full Moon but I think I might have to be careful about my mom....Maximum Possible Crazy !..because she born in Full Moon. I just hope she is not turn to be woofy tonight !


  3. 1I love this card! I am going to be a real mooncat this week! I must haves some good normal cat feelings soon! I wanna scratch up some furniture!

  4. Last full moon I went crazy but tonight I am just sleepy.

  5. So that explains the 2 AM shenanigans this morning!

    Mommy Trish xx

  6. This is great, because I just had a crazy thundering around session, out of nowhere. Happy Sunday, Batu.

  7. Hi, handsome Batu, sounds like you've got a fun day planned=full moons and nip can make us a little crazy too!...We hope you enjoy a wonderful, fun week ahead, sweet friend...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki
    PS...You are always welcome to join us, you awesome, gorgeous mancat :)


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