Sunday, October 9, 2011

Psychic Sundays Revisited

Hi Everyone!

I am back again this week revisiting some of the Best Of's in the Psychic Sunday blogs...

If you aren't sure how the Psychic Sunday the link to my original blog post:

Original Psychic Sunday blog post

Now the one I am going to profile this week is from March this year......It is a lovely Sunday sentiment.....

So that card was Kitten.

And the affirmation on the back of this card was:

"Find the joy in simple things. Concentrate on having fun."

We have all been there haven't we...I love our Sunday sentiment of finding joy in simple things.....

The Cat blog I wish to profile this week is Paper Bag & String - a blog by Ann Dziemianowicz, who has written an amazing book called Careers for Cats....not sure about that...I quite like the career I have at the moment thank you - international superstar! But please call past and say hello. Ann always leaves me wonderfully positive affirmations in my comments which I appreciate......

So come back next week for more fun! I will continue to revisit the Psychic Sundays and I enjoy profiling my visitors too!

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. " Find the joy in simple things. Concentrate on having fun " That's easy !
    Now I pay concentrate with mommy's leg...tee...hee ( evil plan always fun ! )
    Have a lovely Sunday Batu

  2. Teddy lives by those words! But his idea of fun and mine are not the same.

  3. This affirmation is definitely one to live by, we should all remember how fun it is to be a kitten discovering everything for the first time and try and relive it every now and then (works for humans too - remember how much you laughed as a youngster??!!) Happy sunday Batu :)

  4. My inner kitten is always on stand-by! Paper Bag & String is a way cool blog fur sure!!!

  5. Great advice, Batu. We've been known to switch between cat and kitten mode at will! :)

    We love Paper Bag & String, too! :)

  6. We are going to remind Mommy to let her inner kitten out more often!

  7. I missed this one first time around. Good one!

  8. You guys are so right, we think we pretty good as finding joy in the simple stuff, especially Piewhackits on account she's real simple. But we need to work more, our Mumsy really does, on having fun.

    You have a happy, and some fun!

  9. Batu, You are too sweet! I didn't see this until now. Thank you so much for featuring my blog! And also for your kind words.

    That's right, you are already a professional. You are an International Superstar and part-time psychic! :) Other kitties could learn from you how fulfilling it is to go from the couch to a career! :)

    Thanks also to Brian and to meowmeowmans for their nice comments. I always find joy over here, Batu! xo


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