Sunday, October 16, 2011

Psychic Sundays Revisited

Hi Everyone!

I am back again this week revisiting some of the Best Of's in the Psychic Sunday blogs...

If you aren't sure how the Psychic Sunday the link to my original blog post:

Original Psychic Sunday blog post

Now the one I am going to profile this week is from June this year......It is a lovely Sunday sentiment.....

So that card was A Cat Always Lands on its Feet.

And the affirmation on the back of this card was:

"Be ready for anything. Everything will work out."

There is something here for everyone. Don't you think this has been a year of big changes? So take my advice and read all the comments left back in March. Talking of comments, I love the comments left by MoMo. MoMo is such a regular visitor to my blog....please go and say hello.....and MoMo is lovely and floofy just like me.

So come back next week for more fun! I will continue to revisit the Psychic Sundays and I enjoy profiling my visitors too! Vicki does apologise she has been a poor visitor. She has lots going on and hopes to be back visiting soon.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. We love Momo! Have a super Sunday!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. We sure do hope that everything will work out! Life has been too much sometimes! I hide a lot!

  3. We love coming around and stare at beautiful you and read the wisdom of your Sunday cards.

    Hope everything works out well for all our friends and furriends.

  4. Buddy Bear says: "I'm with Rumblefuzz .... Where's the Tuna?

    We enjoy your Sunday posts."

    Buddy Bear, MikiCato, Ms Princess, Smokey, Rowdy and Sir Tegar the Terribbull. Oh, and the Small One too.

  5. It's true that life works out, but not always in the best way. There have been a lot of changes for a lot of kitties and beans this year, many not good. We're hoping for a better year for us all in 2012.

  6. I'm pretty sure everything would work out better for me if Teddy wasn't here.

  7. That was a really wise sundaycard Batu !
    Both me and my mom and dad are trying to think like that and you know what = IT WORKS :)

  8. I remember that one because I've landed on my butt a time or two!!!

  9. "Be ready for anything. Everything will work out."
    Oh Batu, I really wanna tell you, what I have to deal with !
    But it 's going to be my post tomorrow ! so if you have time, please stop by...I hope whatever happens today, it will work out for me !
    Have a great day my friend

  10. Mr Darcy and Sookie have to be the only cats I know of that quite often DO NOT land on their feet - they are so clumsy sometimes! :)
    However I think this is a good bit of advice, metaphorically speaking!! =^..^=

  11. Mommy says we have to keep our sunny sides up...and since we love the sun on our backs, we land on our feets!

  12. Psychic Batu: I love this affirmation. It is one to keep in mind when things aren't going right!

  13. This was one of our favorite cards, Batu! And it was fun to go back and read efurryone's comments :) You really have to be ready and listen for the right answer sometimes. Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  14. We will try to remember this affirmation whenever things get tough, Batu!


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