Sunday, December 4, 2011

Psychic Sundays Revisited

Hi Everyone!

I am back again this week revisiting some of the Best Of's in the Psychic Sunday blogs...

If you aren't sure how the Psychic Sunday the link to my original blog post:

Original Psychic Sunday blog post

Now the one I am going to profile this week is from May this year.

So that card was Seacat.

And the affirmation on the back of this card was:

"Expand your horizons and your limitations will disappear."

I wonder what limitations are? How scary to lose them...I wonder if they come back? Anyway, I loved the comments from the Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie. Go and say hello to Ellie, Tamir, Allie, Clifford and Cubby. They also have and awesome Christmas page on their blog....

So come back next week for more fun revisiting the Psychic Sundays! I will continue to revisit the Psychic Sundays and I enjoy profiling my visitors too! I will finish this up by the end of the year...start sending me ideas for a weekly Sunday blog...I am open to ideas!

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. We don't think us cats have any limitations! Happy Sunday, Batu!

  2. I don't have limitations and my horizons have been expanded by going to stay at grandma's this weekend while the big move happens.

  3. Mommy enforces MY limitations at the end of the garden wall...sigh.
    xx The Baby

  4. Sookie has expanded her horizons... this week she has learnt to leap onto the window shelf that her toys sit on in one single bound... she's been like Tigger ever since... bounce bounce bounce :)

    Hope you have a fantastic week Batu x

  5. Hey! That Seacat is steering into the sun! We are willing to expand our horizons here! We will haves to with a new little one in the house! Humans!!

  6. We'll expand our horizons, as long the limitations that disappear are those that mom and dad keep on how much SNACK we can have! :)

  7. Just coming by to say mieow. We haven't been around much lately because SS has been busy ++ with work. Stay well!

  8. meow meet my poms here


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