Friday, December 2, 2011

Watching TV

So I showed you all last week how I was watching South Park. I had a nice chuckle at your comments. But I just had to say that Huffle said she enjoyed watching Cricket!!! I have to share that I hate watching Cricket or Football because Paul yells at the television "Howzat" or "Get Him!" (depending on the Sport). I find it most disconcerting, and sometimes think he is yelling at me. Then Paul comes and finds me and apologises....

Note from Vicki: We never yell at Batu. We think this is a carryover from previous home(s).


  1. Hi Batu !
    The only tellyprogram i watch is 101 Catshow on Animalplanet :)
    My people never yell when they watch TV , cause they never watch any sport :)

  2. Simba likes watching Harry Potter. He will sit through the film and not move :)xx

  3. Looks like it must be a good programme that you are watching.

  4. Come on, Batu! What's a weekend without footie? I loooove watching Inspector Rex on SBS. Tell your mom to tune to that show. It's about an intelligent police woofie. Fancy that, an intelligent woofie! purrr...meow!


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