Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Wisdom from the Daredevil Book for Cats

Prince Cuddles talks about famous cat-haters in history - how could anyone hate cats?
According to Prince Cuddles:

Ghenghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Mussolini and Hitler. What links them?
Yes, I know they killed thousands of humans, but the answer I am looking for is that each of them had ailurophobia - a posh Greek word for fear of cats. None of them could bear to be in our regal presence. Small animals suffer from the same mental illness......

Thanks Prince Cuddles - we like interesting trivia like this.....

Nick Griffiths website - author of The Daredevil Book for Cats


  1. Proves that cat hating points to a serious personality and moral defect.

  2. Dear Batu
    You are an intellectual cat
    have a wonderful day
    with friendship

  3. Those people clearly had no idea about anything.

  4. That is interesting information to be reading about Batu! That is funny!

  5. Right there is proof that only IDIOTS hate cats!


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