Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Wisdom from the Daredevil Book of Cats

According to Prince Cuddles, he thinks cats are not fussy eaters:

It's a spiteful myth that cats are excessively choosy. In fact, they will eat most things a reasonable human servant will set in front of them including:

* Anything cooked by Gordon Ramsay

* Or Marco Pierre White

* Or Mario Batali

* But not that Jamie Oliver bloke, his outsized tongue puts me off

* Oysters? Maybe, but only with a dash of fresh lime and a hint of tabasco

* Truffles? Nah, too mushroomy

* Pate de foie gras? Bleugh, rubbish, I wouldn't feed that to a dog!

* Exquisite shashimi prepared by Japan's most celebrated chef. You're kidding! If I want a teensy weensy portion of masterfully sliced fish - I'll ask for it!

Awesome list Prince Cuddles. Everyone knows my favourite is mince - of any kind - beef, lamb, chicken, veal and kangaroo!

Nick Griffiths website - author of The Daredevil Book for Cats


  1. Hmmmmmm....

    Mom and I are fur most of the list!

    What time shall we be there?


  2. I might consider something cooked by Jamie Oliver, but only if he does it quietly.

  3. We agree with both Prince Cuddles and Huffle on Jamie Oliver!

  4. Mmm If they give me it cooked properly then I am in.. HUgs GJ xx


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