Monday, October 4, 2010

I am a Rescued Cat....

I was found at Parramatta Pound by one of Vicki's Workmates - Michelle. Vicki recently went to a 10 year reunion of her work - with SOCOG (The Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games) and Michelle asked after me and checks my blog every now and then.....Here is Vicki and Michelle at the Reunion.

So Michelle took me home and I really wanted to be outside, so as she lived in an upstairs apartment, she was really worried that I was going to jump off the balcony. Michelle asked around at work and eventually I ended up with Vicki and Paul. I love living with them - they have a huge back yard that is all mine to explore and they let me do whatever I want. Thanks Michelle!!!

Recently Mr Puddy featured Rescue Cats on his blog:

Mr Puddy's Blog

And now Mr Puddy has a special page that lists why a Rescue Cat is special and other Rescue Cat blogs.....go and check them out!

Reasons to choose Rescued Cats and other Rescued Cats


  1. It's pretty cool when you find the right home isn't it Batu? I am a rescue kitty too.

  2. We're glad you found such a wonderful home, Batu. We're all shelter adoptees too!

  3. Aw we didn't know that you're a rescue kitty as well! So are we! Aren't forever homes wonderful!!
    We are so happy that you have the right home where you could explore the garden!

  4. We had NO idea you were a rescue kitty! What a great story! we are so happy you ended up with a fantastic family and have your own "jungle" that's all yours!

  5. We're so happy that you found your forever home! We'd love to add your link to the link list on Pet Blogs United. All you have to do be a follower of PBU & we'll add you to the list.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. That is wonderful Batu, you made a purrfect selection! We are all rescues here too!

  7. It was a purrfect ending.. So glad it happened like that.. HUgs GJ xx

  8. Thank you so much Batu to support " Rescued Breed " My mom told me first time when she saw you she can't tell you are a rescued cat. You look so handsome. But when you join us to support Rescued Breed. That gave my mom lots of surprise. My mom really appriciate you join because your blog will show people how wonderful we are. and it might made them adopted rescued pet first.
    And we very happy with you to be with great family and have a beautiful backyard ( that's the best part of the house )
    Big Purrs for you Batu
    Puddy : )

  9. We are glad you got your purrfect Forever home with a huge garden to explore.

  10. Lovely story.

    Things got very busy today, and I didn’t get to visit all my friends' blogs earlier. Just to let you know you are not forgotten!

  11. We're so happy you were rescued, Batu!!

  12. Batu, we're really happy that you found such a wonderful forever home. We're sending many purrs to Michelle (and to Vicki and Paul, of course!) for rescuing you.


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