Sunday, October 17, 2010

Psychic Sunday with the *Amazing Batu*

This has been such a busy week - sorry for not being in touch with you all. Yesterday, Paul attended a yearly Memorial Golf Day that is held in memory of his brother. A very moving day.

So here is your weekly affirmation for this week.....

In case you have forgotten how it works, you can view the original post here:

Original Psychic Sunday blog post

Todays card is Cat Lover.

The affirmation on the back of this card is:

"Contact your loved ones today."

This is very appropriate for this week. We all miss Pauls brother. And we have had a few cats from the blogosphere pass over the bridge recently so this is a timely reminder to contact those who mean a lot to you. I know I will be more diligent this week and come visit your blogs....I apologise for being too busy to visit...but just know - you all mean a lot to me!

Have an amazing Sunday with your loved ones!


  1. That's a wonderful affirmation, definitely appropriate. We're sending you all soft purrs and healing Light, for comfort and peace.

  2. Sending special thoughts and purrs as you remember those you've lost.

  3. Wow ! my fur stand up after read your affirmation, It's so true!!!
    ..I just were with her in my garden : )

  4. What a good affirmation. My Dad should arrive home tonight after being away for 10 days, so it is very fitting for me.

  5. We all know I'm a khat lover!

    Thanks fur the khontakht ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: It has been some rough weeks fur khats and khanines - at least we have each other!

  6. That is an awesome affirmation, Batu. Purrs and prayers to you about the ones you are missing. Now, we'll see you later ... gotta go make a fw phone calls!

  7. I have spent the evening sitting on dad's lap. That's pretty good I think.

  8. That was an excellent reading Batu, we should do that all the time!

  9. Purring and thinking of all our loved ones, lost ones, near ones and far ones.

  10. It was surely "In The Cards"

  11. Sending pawerful prayers for healing and love.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  12. Beautiful,your cat Batu, I have one Maria, the same race, this cat are the best. Sorry my inglish, but I am Portuguese.The best for Batu.Cristina.


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