Friday, November 4, 2011

Thirsty Cat!

Vicki has been really worried about me 'cos I drink and drink and drink. I even get into the shower and drink. So when I started throwing up my dry food last week, off to the V-E-T I was dragged......

Well the V-E-T did all sorts of tests - blood, urine and poked and prodded me and apparently I am fine. I am just a pig who gorges his dry biscuits and then throws them back up again. I have been put on dry biscuit ration! I don't get more than 6 at a time!

So not bad for a 14 year old kitty! My kidneys are fine, my temperature is normal, I have no lumps in my abdomen and I just have to learn to eat a bit slower.....



  1. We're glad you're in good health, Batu! No fun at the vet, but the beans have peace of mind, at least.

    Derry eats too fast too, and often will barf everything up, kibble and canned. Bleh. It's definitely better to eat smaller portions at at time.

  2. Restraint and moderation are No Fun! But at least you are hale and healthy.

  3. Well, Batu, we're glad you checked out okay at the vet!!

  4. That's good , Batu
    As long as you heathy, that's good thing !
    I threw up like that too, Mom said I'm a piggy puddy ! and I drink lots of lots of water too, Might be the weather and we are long fur kitty !
    Hugs to Vicki to look after you so well

  5. Batu dear, to eat slower? You take care, OK? purrr...meow!

  6. Glad you got a clean bill of health, Batu!

  7. Glad to hear that your are in good shape !
    The cat that lived here before me he did the same thing say´s my mom :)

  8. Well that's good news Batu. I'm glad you have good health! Warm wishes to you.


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